//Blog: The overdue update

Oof. It’s been a long while since I updated this blog. So what have I been up to since November 2017?

  • First off, we won the Escape short film competition! Infinite got a lot of praise being my first short film.  With the little crew we had and the time we spent on it, I was surprised how much we achieved – more on this on an upcoming blog post.
  • We entered the Moment Invitational competition shooting a film on an iPhone X. Unfortunately we didn’t place, but it was a fun experience!
  • I went to GDC 2018 and met a lot of inspirational people!
  • I’m currently writing my new short film – an entry for the Rode Filmmaking Competition.
  • I started a new photography project: Two35one (2:35:1 – a cinematic aspect ratio) Two35one explores photographs as slices of movies, shooting pictures in anamorphic. The project can be found on my website and on this Instagram account (@two35one)
  • And lastly, I’ve been trying to build a team of like-minded individuals – I have so many ideas that I can’t execute on my own, so if you know anyone interested in filmmaking or is a creative do get in touch!

I’ve still been producing content over on my Instagram @nekuro trying to materialise all the ideas that pop into my head – however, I’ve now taken the dive into Cinema4D and octane and now I can’t sleep at night. The overflow of ideas is unreal.

Back to work then.





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