//Blog: Creating my first short film

Hey all!

Quick update.

I’ve been keeping busy these past few weeks hence the lack of new Instagram posts.

  1. I’m entering the Escape Technology Short Film competition. This is the first short film I’ve actually produced, which I cannot believe. I’ve been wanting to create one for a long time, but always doubted my abilities to create something good. The criteria for the competition is it has to contain at least one visual effects scene and last between 1-3 minutes.
  2. I’m also entering the #filmsupplychallenge, taking 5 clips from Film Supply, and a track from Musicbed to create a title sequence, trailer or advertisement. There are also technical categories such as best visual effects, colour, sound and concept.

I’ve never entered a competition before due to not being fully confident in my skills. So why am I entering two with deadlines so close to each other?

I know these definitely won’t be my best pieces of work, but what I do know is that the more I produce, the better my films will get over time (which is why I am doing two, and I’m planning to enter a lot more in the future!)

Also some good news, my computer is finally in repair and should be expecting it next week. 🙂


Here’s a very early work in progress shot from my short film Infinite (//working title).


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