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From time to time, I end up losing the motivational streak and it gets increasingly hard to recover from it as time passes. These phases are the worst for me, especially during the times when I was a solo freelancer. Getting back into the work flow is the most difficult part, as with any activity such as going to the gym, or practising music (both which I should also be doing more of!) Having learnt After Effects and motion graphics on my own meant that the internet was my only form of peer motivation. I’d see something someone else created online and that would inspire me. But sometimes that wouldn’t be enough. Real life interaction between creatives is something else. Bouncing of ideas with a creative in the same room has a completely different effect than giving each other advice online. I never got the chance to have that for years. It was always down to my own self-motivation. I blame myself for this, being introverted and scared of venturing into the motion graphics community, having fears of not knowing as much I should and being looked down on. This is one mistake I regret, and to anyone starting out in AE, or any activity for that matter, get involved with the community, ask for feedback – and grow with them.

Getting back up

Inspired by a fellow colleague who showed me an insane creative called Beeple. Mike Winkelmann, is a graphic designer from Wisconsin, USA. He started a project called “Everydays” almost 10 years ago – a project where he spent every day focusing on a project and posting the results of that day online. Beeple is now on Round 11, with the counter sitting at 3621 consecutive days. This is an amazing show of self-motivation, as he takes various different programs and skill-sets such as Cinema 4D to drawing, photography to illustrator, and works on it consistently for the year. The project is also a great way of showing how much you’ve grown over the years, and you could definitely see the progression in Beeples work especially with the Cinema4d stuff.

Check out his presentation a couple years ago regarding the Everydays project.

No excuses

I really want to better myself in several areas – which may be my biggest weakness. Starting late also seems to be putting me off, but the cliche quote of “It’s never too late” comes into play here. With that said I will be trying to push more C4D, AE, Music, Short films out into the wild, no matter how they turn out. (I can feel that this will end badly, I’m a perfectionist.) For those who follow me on Instagram (@nekuro) know that I have also started to produce music again with hopes to release a few tracks by June, but I will be posting snippets here to track my progress. I started making music back in 2011. remaking Nujabes tracks and anime beats (see here) I will also be posting on my mograph Instagram account now with C4D renders, and AE animations (@kuru.zo)


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