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In attempts to produce more content, I’m releasing a new YouTube series showcasing the arsenal of lenses I own and their capabilities. These won’t be reviews as there are already multiple different sources of these online, but I will be leaving my thoughts here on the blog for those interested. I’ll also be releasing some product tests for example the Edelkrone One Pro in real world use to using anamorphic adapters on a variety of different set-ups.

The Canon 50mm f1.2 FD is one of my favourite lenses to use with my A7S II. It produces really smooth images and has a cinematic look at f1.2, and also gets nice sharpness around f2.8-5.6.

Using an ND filter is a must especially if you are shooting in SLOG. I tend to always shoot in SLOG 2 as I prefer the colours I can get out of it, but will also be experimenting with other picture profiles in upcoming videos. A low light test with this lens will also be coming soon in a future video.

All of these shots were handheld, solely relying on the in body stabilisation of the A7SII, and trying to keep the camera as steady as possible. All clips in 4k apart from the slow motion which is 120 fps at 1080p (upscaled).

One thing to note is that this video is a manual focus lens. As a video shooter I prefer this, however at 50mm and shooting handheld with the aperture wide open can be a little difficult to operate at times.


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