//C4D: Patience is Key

This is my first ‘heavy’  project created with C4D. Up until now, I had been working my way around C4D render times as I am very much used to the quick workflow of After Effects.

Starting this C4D render was a tough one, seeing 20+ hours in estimated time is not something I’d usually wait for (I stopped it a few times to see if I could tweak the settings) but in the end, I saw it through. In total, the render took 43 hours. There were lighting effects, a composite for the background to get subtle reflections  / and matching transparency. I should probably look into getting servers / multiple PCs for team render since I would like to do a lot more of these!

While I did make a lot of mistakes in this piece, I have learnt a lot at the same time. Rendering a depth pass may have added a bit more realism, and I probably should have spent more time creating realistic shadows. All in all, I’m proud I waited for this one, it was worth it.




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