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Dailies content has slowed as I’ve been putting in the hours to fully understand Cinema4D (I still don’t know what I’m doing!) There’s just so many different options and things to adjust that greatly influences render times – for example, ambient occlusion to global illumination. I do feel the learning curve is a bit steep, or maybe it’s just that I secretly don’t want to learn a completely new program – but it is at this point that I need to keep pushing to get over this initial phase. So far I have been playing with fractured objects and playing with lights. My current end goal is to model and animate abstract objects into real-world scenes, creating a sense of surrealism, but almost as if it was possible to touch. A colleague of mine gave me an intro on some basics, and the first thing I learnt is that lighting is key. It is almost representative of how it works in the real world. For example in the image below a backdrop was purposefully set up to allow light to bounce around and light the scene, giving a more ‘realistic look’. Without the backdrop, there would be no light bouncing back to the object, which looks pretty dull. The reflections on the materials are also affected by this, no environment = no environment reflections. Each light has its own settings where the area shadows can really bump up the time as opposed to softer shadows.

I’m currently rendering out a 200f sequence which is estimated to take approximately 3 hours!? Coming from after effects, this feels super slow as AE is able to use my gtx 1080s while C4D renders with my CPU. I currently have an 8-core i7-6900k 3.20Ghz and I think C4D is the only program that pushes it to 100% during rendering. I’ve looked at the octane render as it seems to be a faster option (it uses the GPU), however, it costs about £600 which is a bit steep especially for a beginner like me.

There is a way to use C4D models in After effects to up render times, however, lighting and materials/shaders are not the same as in C4D. I used Element 3D to do a simple rotation animation of a 3D model, and Trapcode Shine to create some volumetric lighting:

More to come soon 🙂


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