//Rode Reel Competition

So my last Youtube series got shoved aside since I was working on my short film for the whole of July. It was a tough ride but we managed to get it done!   You can watch the film here:

We’re currently on page 7 on most voted overall, which puts us in the top 100 films in terms of votes – but I quickly figured out that this was a battle we can’t win as my audience is not as large as those in the top. One is a gaming channel with 600k subs – I will go into why I don’t agree with vote contests in the future, but I just wanted to thank everyone who did watch and vote for my film – I really appreciate all the kind comments, constructive criticism and the support I have received!
Alt was a project to push my limits of film-making. It was a one-up from the previous short films we have created (this is our third), and I wanted to go all out.
It may have been a little too ambitious, and due to lack of experience I came across a lot of problems. First was the amount of crew on the day. I wrongly assumed that I could handle it all with Joseph as DOP, however it became clear that having an extra pair of hands was essential in completing the production. A couple more people may have even helped speed things up a bit more – giving us more time to film instead of setting up scenes and lighting.
Second was not planning VFX. There was no trackers on set (those little x’s that you see on green screens) and the fact we shot in dark scenes made tracking that much harder.
There are many things I can pick apart and talk about who things should have been, but overall I am proud of what we have created in a sense that it was a great learning experience.

Congratulations too all finalists and winners of the Rode Reel competition. It was refreshing to see so much talent out there to help push and motivate me to do better. Next steps, onwards and upwards to more crazy projects.


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