Infinite was a short film created for the Escape Short Film Competition. We had 3 weeks to complete it from start to finish and it had to have some elements of VFX (requirement).

Heavily inspired by the cyberpunk theme and sci-fi – I took these core elements and built scenes with neon lights and technical user interfaces (have to give props to Ash Thorp and Catina Creative for the inspiring work they have done on FUI) UI design was done on paper first then recreated in Adobe Illustrator, which was then taken into After Effects for animation.

Infinite won first place, and so I decided to take it to other film festivals too. Infinite was the winner of the Oniros Film Festival (Best First Time Director, Best Action, Best VFX) and was selected in a handful of others too.




Director / Editor: Marco D Cruz 3D / VFX Compositor: Marco D Cruz Cast: Thai Anh Bui (Lead), Loi Xuan Ly, Brij Trivedi, Christopher Jasmin, Nicole Lim


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